Historic Photos

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Old Photos from Newbury, West Newbury, etc.

Richard Coffin house Moses Poore farm Number Nine School Poore house - Newbury
Richard Coffin house, Scotland Road, Newbury, which burned in 1915 Moses Poore farm, Poore's Lane, West Newbury, about 1898 Number Nine School, Turkey Hill Road, West Newbury Poore house in Newbury, about 1925
Coffin house Goodrich house farm Salt haying
Tristram Coffin house, High Road, Newbury Goodrich Farm, Turkey Hill Road, West Newbury I don't know if this farm was in West Newbury, but I like the picture Salt haying on the marshes

Old Postcards

St. Paul's Church, Newburyport
Anna Jaques Hospital, Newburyport
Pleasant Street, Newburyport
Rocky Hill Meetinghouse, Amesbury
Noyes home, Newbury
Peter Toppan house, Newburyport
Wolfe Tavern, Newburyport
State Street, Newburyport
Noyes home, Newbury
Artichoke River: 1900's
John Currier Jr. Shipyard, Newburyport: 1851
Lord Timothy Dexter house, Newburyport
clam shucking, Joppa
Newbury Country Club
Newbury Lower Green
Plum Island Hotel
Hay Stacks, Salisbury
Route 1 Bridge, Newburyport
Chain Bridge, Newburyport
Hay Stacks, Newburyport
Joppa Landing, Newburyport
Newburyport Harbor
Salisbury Surf
Salisbury Beach
Salisbury Beach
Salisbury Beach
Hampton River Bridge
Hampton Beach
Curzon's Mill,

Old Photos of Newburyport, from an album of 1880-1900

Pleasant St. with horse corner of Pleasant St. 10 State St. corner of Threadneedle Alley
Pleasant St. with JJ Currier's horse & buggy Corner of State & Pleasant Sts. Phoenix Building - 10 State St. Corner of State St. & Threadneedle Alley
Chain Bridge Newburyport Bridge Market Square Market Square
Chain Bridge, showing the chains Newburyport Bridge Market Square looking towards Liberty Street Moving a house through Market Square, looking up State Street
57 State St. Middle St. Charles St. Merrimac House
57-59 State Street Middle Street Charles Street Merrimac House-corner of State & Harris Streets
Bartlett Mills ruins Bartlett Mills ruins Dodge Factory ruins North Church ruins
Bartlett Mills ruins: corner of Pleasant & Inn Sts.: burned March 20, 1881 another view of Bartlett Mills ruins, looking down Inn Street Dodge's Shoe Factory ruins: explosion December 27, 1880 North Church ruins, corner of Titcomb & Pleasant Streets: burned March 22, 1861

Photos of West Newbury's Stutz Fire Engine about 1925, on Middle Road bridge over the Artichoke River


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